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Sister Teresa’s Message (Feb Newsletter)

Dear friends, supporters and donors,

We come to the beginning of Spring with expectations, but also unknowns. In Southern California we keep waiting for the steady rains promised by “El Niño” to relieve the water shortage. We Christians, in this season, are moving from the anxious desert journey of Lent with the hope and promise of Easter, the message of redemption.

It is hope in the midst of anxiety that I want to share with you, even in the environment of the political campaigning for the presidential race. The residents at the Francisco Homes live this hope in the midst of anxiety. It was the hope of a simple life, taken for granted by most of us, which led them through many dark and anxious nights.


Sergio still speaks of the great anxiety he felt as he faced the world he had left behind at 16, twenty five years later. Two weeks after he arrived at our homes another resident shared a job opportunity at a restaurant that had just opened. He started as a dishwasher. In just a few months he has been promoted to the bakery where he bakes bread.

Michael could hardly think where to start when he was told he had to search and apply for jobs ‘on-line’…”what does that even mean?”— thirty six years away from the technology revolution left him a foreigner in his own country. Holly, our case management coordinator, sat with him in front of a laptop and patiently guided him through the process. A couple of hours later Michael’s face radiated with hope — for the future, his future and the community he wants to be part of.

With every anxious face coming back from prison, a ray of hope inflamed by the mercy that supporters, volunteers and staff share with them becomes a vehicle of healing to the community. Hope transforms anxiety into action.

Thank you for your action on behalf of so many men and women in need of hope.


Sister Teresa


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