MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – Our trauma-informed model offers:

  • Daily therapeutic group meetings where residents share their experiences and receive support from their peers, as well as professional facilitators. Residents are required to attend one group meeting a week but may attend as many as the choose. 
  • Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed mental healthcare professional.   
  • These groups include:
    • A “Writing Group” with USC professors where residents explore healing through putting pen to paper. 
    • A “Process Group” invites residents to share their challenges in a safe constructive setting. 
    • A “Relationship Group” is facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker and gives residents tools for building healthy relationships with coworkers, roommates, family and friends. 
    • A “Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous Group” which is facilitated like an alcoholics anonymous group in that residents work through steps and receive support to aid them in staying away from gang related activity.
    • A “Theater Group” in which residents work towards a group performance that is typically performed at the end of the year.

LIFE SKILLS – We offer training to help residents operate independently including:

  • Meal prep: we offer a weekly cooking class. In the past we have also offered onsite cooking demonstrations in collaboration with LMU. The plan is to resume the onsite demo post pandemic.
  • Budgeting: community health workers assist the residents in making a budget once they are employed.
  • Financial Literacy Training: we utilize outside consultants to offer workshops in this area.
  • Legal: we offer a legal clinic one time a month that assists residents with any legal matters requiring assistance (including, but not limited to matters relating to inheritance, property, name changes, etc.)

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE  – We connect residents with the tools that enable them to obtain employment including:

  • Job trainings: HVAC, OSHA, truck driving and others.
  • Job leads from local businesses in areas of their interest. 
  • Job fairs and hiring events.
  • Development of interview skills, creation of relevant resumes, and interview preparations including what is appropriate to wear. 

MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES  – We encourage and support the development of full and rewarding lifestyles through involvement in meaningful activities including:

  • Religious and spiritual affiliations: residents are given the opportunity to participate in a weekly spiritual reflections group. 
  • Volunteering: residents are given opportunities to volunteer and give back the community by participating in community events.
    • An annual volunteer event is Christmas in July, which is held at USC and is an event geared towards giving back to local underpriveledged youth. 
  • Local Colleges: residents participate by sharing their stories at LMU and USC in an open forum arrangement so that they can educate students about incarceration, the reentry process, and inspire restorative justice.
    • The class at LMU is titled Voices of Justice. The class allows its students to capture stories of the residents and present them at the end of the semester in an open public event. 
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