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Reflections for the New Year

Dear Friends,

We have just welcomed the New Year 2020. As people of faith we entered this new stage in the light of the Christmas event. We have been given a new life and a new hope in Christ. 

Beyond any resolution we may have is the awareness that we have the gift of this present moment. This is what I experienced very vividly last week as Erik, Willie, Lashawn, Jesse and Joseph came home. 

Willie was away for more than forty years in State Prison. The look in his eyes, the demeanor and presence, were of amazement and discovery of a new life. And so in their own ways it was for the others as they were given the gift of coming home just before or right after Christmas. The new life spreads and touches the immediate family and loved ones. There is such joy from the elderly mothers seeing their sons return home even if it is to a different state. No pain was too great to see this moment happen.

The healing begins as we all have the determination to do better, straightening the path, letting compassion and peace flow in our midst. The Francisco Homes doesn’t make any of this happen, we are like the stable in Bethlehem. As long as we are standing we will host families reunited, witness new life blossom and communities healed. Thank you for helping us be there. 

Blessings this New Year!

Sister Teresa


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