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The men participating in the Francisco Homes are comprised of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, various ages and religious affiliations. As a program, we help individuals achieve freedom that have worked diligently to change, seek maturation, develop integrity and build positive character; give support in the transition from institutionally structured living to living through self-support and self-decision making; and, provide a safety net of emotional and spiritual support to each individual as they re-connect with the community and/or family.

Each resident is assisted in setting and fulfilling short and long term goals. In the first few weeks we establish resident records and develop a personalized plan for subsequent recommendations. Continual guidance and information gathering is critical through the first several months as the residents traverse through their transition.

As the residents prepare to leave The Francisco Homes, the focus turns toward money management (budgeting) and the fundamental steps for independence from The Francisco Homes program and success. Exit interviews/evaluations outlining short and long term goals accomplished and formulations of next-step strategies are part of the last phase of The Francisco Homes program. Assurances from The Francisco Homes provide a safety net of emotional and spiritual support; and ultimately open the possibility of long lasting supportive relationships in the community. The knowledge given to each person as they reconnect with the community is invaluable.

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