ACCESS – Upon arrival, we guide residents through the process of receiving Medical which funds healthcare for low-income individuals who are below the age of 65. If they are eligible, we will guide them through the Medicare process.

NAVIGATION TRAINING — We train residents on how to use their health coverage outside of the prison system.

ENCOURAGING CARE – We help residents adapt to the “outside” healthcare model. Residents often have anxiety around medical care from “inside” experiences.

  • We help residents schedule doctor’s appointments and use pharmacies to access prescription drugs.
  • We educate residents about preventive healthcare so that they can optimize their quality of care.

RECEIVING CARE – We educate residents and facilitate the receipt of the following:

  • Dental care – preventative and acute care
  • Vision care – exams and aids such as glasses or contacts
  • General Medical care – preventative and acute care
  • Psychiatric care – care through POC (parole outpatient clinic) and outside referrals
  • Therapy – onsite individual therapy sessions
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