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Christmas Brunch at The Francisco Homes

We all know that the end of the year isn’t always easy from an emotional point of view. Although it’s always shown as festive and wonderful, that’s not the reality for so many of us. It’s no different at The Francisco Homes. While many of our residents are experiencing the pure joy of reuniting with family and loved ones for Chanukah, Kwanza or Christmas, there are others who are either too far away or after thirty years of incarceration don’t have anyone to share this precious time.

Each year, on Christmas day, TFH staff cooks and serves a meal to residents who, for whatever reason, didn’t leave for Christmas. We chowed down on Scrambled eggs with cheese, sautéed vegies with  Italian sausage, bagels, lox and crème cheese, pastries, milk, juices and don’t forget the Eggnog.

This year we had the special pleasure of sharing the meal with the owner of our new Women’s home. David is a real estate investor and financial planner. He’s also the first person to sign up for our Circle of Friends which is a commitment to donate at least $10 per month through our website.  This is an amount almost anyone can afford and when enough people join, can sustain entire programs. Please follow David’s lead, go to our website (click here) and donate at least $10 monthly. You’ll receive a beautiful certificate for joining The Circle of Friends.

Additional surprise visitors were Sister Teresa’s brother from Guadalajara, Mexico, Sister Mary Mortz fresh from surgery and our newest volunteer, Sister Olive.  A good time was had by all. Please consider joining us next year as we embrace the souls placed in our care.

May each of you and your loved ones have a healthy and prosperous new year,

David Schwed

Development Director



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