The Francisco Homes provides holistic reentry support services and transitional housing for formerly incarcerated “lifers” on parole. Our homes are located in South Los Angeles. Our work is Faith-inspired and infused with hope and love. These spiritual gifts provide the cornerstone for all that we do and are the reason we maintain a less than one percent recidivism rate.


The Francisco Homes offers hope and multi-faceted, holistic support to formerly incarcerated individuals aspiring to re-integrate back into the community. Guided by faith-inspired principles, The Francisco Homes encourages our community to acknowledge the worth and dignity in all people, opening the door of opportunity for conciliation and healing; building a society in which the re-entry process becomes restorative.


The Francisco Homes is a faith-inspired non-profit organization formed in 2007 as an extension of a project of the Office of Restorative Justice of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The transitional housing program was given the name “The Francisco Homes”, honoring St. Francis of Assisi in his ardent work for the poor and marginalized.  

The project was initiated to serve men coming back from prison in need of “sober” supportive transitional housing.  Early on it became clear that there was a desperate need for this type of housing for “Lifers” seeking to solidify their parole plans as a prerequisite for release.  

We have grown from one home in 2008 to eight homes with a total capacity of almost 90 residents.  As the only residential program specific to Lifers in the state of California, The Francisco Homes receives thousands of requests for transitional housing each year and is a model for Restorative Justice and Holistic Community Integration for the long-term incarcerated.


We serve men on parole from long-term incarceration, mostly life sentences. Without guaranteed housing, they would be forced to remain in prison. Since we do not place a maximum time for men to live in our community (the average stay is 14 months), our residents are not at risk for homelessness. Residents come from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities and religious affiliations. The average resident is 54 years old, but they range from early 30’s to late 80’s. The average time incarcerated is 28 years. Some of our residents have been in prison for over four decades.


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