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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the support and openness of heart that makes our program possible.  From the vision to welcome the forgotten inmates, and the experience of the first residents, we have grown in ways we hadn’t imagined.  Most of all we are affirmed by the resilient spirit of the residents and the power of self-awareness, forgiveness and reconciliation.  I am in awe at the camaraderie across cultures, generations, and backgrounds among our residents.  There is a clear commitment to supporting each other in giving back to the community.  As more of the men we serve become “past” residents we are delighted to hear from the once broken spirits speak of the new communities they have gotten involved in, the churches they have joined, and even the jobs they are developing for others.  And you are somehow a part of all this.  Thank you!

Please join us in affirming the humanity of rehabilitated men and women and in the vision of community: “Where all people give of their hearts and hands… Where their good work inspires each of us to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we meet.” The Francisco Homes is that kind of place.

Thank you for your generous donation.


Sister Teresa Groth DMJ

Sister Teresa

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