• Housing
    Upon arrival to the program each resident has initial screening conducted to determine immediate needs.  This is followed by a 4-week evaluation determining individual concerns, needs and services facilitated by case management, with an emphasis on employment, education advancement, volunteering or a combination of each. Each resident is then provided applicable information directing them towards the necessary materials (e.g. birth certificate, Social Security card, State I.D. card, etc.)  required for their early stages of transition. The homes have programming consisting of: weekly house meetings; group meetings from a choice of 12-step, self-improvement, job readiness or spiritual growth.
  • Employment
    The men are assisted in developing their approach to employment and formulate a resumé. Some men start doing handyman jobs through community network or participate in the upholstery shop started by one of the residents as Starfish Services. The first opening for regular employment is the EDD along with other organizations such as America’s Job Center (formerly the Worksource) and Friends Outside/“Passport To Success” Employment Program. Residents also find employment through large contractors such as PV Jobs or temp agencies like Labor Ready. We have also established a working relationship with Redemption Café located in the Hollywood area, which offers some employment for the residents of the Homes.
  • Transportation
    Public transportation and bicycles are the initial transportation for most individuals. Seniors are connected to the Access program if necessary. The Wilshire Rotary club donated a van for the homes which provides transportation to common sites such as the parole office, DMV and communal grocery shopping. Individual residents make their personal vehicles available to other residents in the program.
  • Resources (Physical/Mental wellbeing)
  • Calendar of meetings/deadlines, etc.
  • Groups and Workshops
    • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
    • Relationship Development
    • Personal Transformation
    • Finances & Budgeting
    • Creative Writing
    • Life Skills
    • Criminals & Gangmembers Anonymous (CGA)
    • Bible Reflection
    • Fatherhood/Men’s Circle
    • Restorative Justice Circles
    • Estate Planning
    • Process Circle
    • Trauma Healing
    • Alternatives to Family Violence
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