Angelus Features The Francisco Homes

Angelus Magazine, formerly The Tidings, wrote a profile this summer on Sr. Teresa and The Francisco Homes. Here is an excerpt:

An inmate at Soledad State Prison for 22 years, and a decade before at other California prisons, Kevin Kristiansen had given up hope of ever getting out. 

After all, he was a “lifer” with no place to go. And that’s what the parole board really wanted to know: “What are you going to do if you’re released? Where are you going to stay if we release you?”

He didn’t have much of an answer, until he heard about a nun in Los Angeles who ran transitional homes for inmates like him in Los Angeles. So when he went before the parole board one more time, he had a letter from Sister Teresa Groth, the director of Francisco Homes, stating there would be room for him in one of the homes.

And that changed everything.

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